Specializing in miniature flowers and plants,  featuring handcrafted miniature creations by Era Anderson Pearce, IGMA Fellow, and Robert S. Pearce.

            The Pearces entered the world of dollhouse miniatures in 1977, and became the business of “Pearce Miniatures” in 1990.  They are members of  the IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artisans), AIM and CDHM.  They work in 1", 1/2" and 1/4" scales and can be found at fine miniature shows all across the nation.  You are invited  to view their selection of handcrafted miniatures on this website.

Era earned the status of IGMA  Artisan in May of 2005, and was selected for IGMA Fellow status  in November of 2007. The pieces submitted for Artisan and Fellow selection can be viewed in the gallery section of this website.  Era creates a wide variety of miniature plants and flowers.  Her work can be found in private collections and museums throughout the world, and has appeared in all three major miniature magazines.   Although being involved in the creation of miniatures from the late 1970's,  miniature botanicals became her passion in 1999 when she sold the full size greenhouse she owned.  Each plant , flower or arrangement that she creates is extensively researched and each prototype or piece is her own original design.   Specialties include Tropical Plants and Orchids, Carnivorous botanicals, Cactus, Sedum and Succulent gardens as well as floral arrangements and her signature custom crafted Oriental Wisteria sinensis vines in full bloom.  Era's latest creations include one of a kind miniature "Terrariums", sometimes referred to as " Bottle Gardens", in actual solid glass bottles. Era has studied "real life" Bonsai in the past with Japanese Bonsai Master the late John Naka and creates realistic Bonsai trees by the standards set down by Japanese Bonsai Masters.  All of Era's work is hand painted, shaded, and shaped to create the ultimate in realistic detail.  Her pieces always show consideration for growth stages, even extending to naturally damaged leaves or petals when appropriate.  Era completed a long term commission when she landscaped the John Bellemy House for the new "Mini Time Machine"  Miniature Museum in Tucson, Arizona.  This state of the art Miniature Museum opened in October of 2009.

All  Wisteria, water gardens, cactus, sedum and succulent gardens, floral arrangements and bonsai  are one of a kind.  Of the smaller plants or items that are duplicated, each piece is individually hand crafted, as evidenced by slight differences in size, shape or color.

            Pearce Miniatures also creates over 200 miniature accessory items in ¼” and ½” scale.  Specialties in small scale are realistic food and accessories.